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We use the term Shopkeeper to describe the 3 responsibilities necessary for employment at Kolkin Coffee. First, Barista. A Barista’s primary responsibility is to make our coffee drinks according to the menu prescribed and maintain the quality that our customers expect. Second, Community development. Our shopkeepers are trained to develop a community with walk-in and drive-through customers. We do not use an electronic headset to use in the drive through. Conversation and politeness are expected from our employees in any circumstance when they enter our business.

And last but not least, our Barista/Shopkeepers are required to maintain a clean and healthy environment. We are accountable to both the state and our customers to maintain a great welcoming environment that brings a sense of security and warmth.

To apply, please send your resume along with a short explanation of why you would make a great member of our team to kolkincoffeeapply@gmail.com